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Chiropractic Marketing Strategies for a Digital World

shutterstock_313215164Nowadays, relying on traditional outbound methods of advertising like advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines is not sufficient. As each day passes, more and more Americans look to the world wide web for information about local chiropractic services. Let’s take a look at how inbound marketing services on the web can help your practice attract new patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to with the acronym of “SEO” can dramatically boost the number of visitors to your practice’s website. Put yourself in the position of an individual who needs chiropractic treatment. Such a person is inclined to hop onto the world wide web and conduct a search for chiropractors in his vicinity. A digital marketing firm’s SEO experts will optimize your practice’s website, blog and social media accounts to increase your ranking on search engine results. Ideally, the results of these SEO efforts will help your practice obtain a position in the top page or two of results so locals are aware of your services and experienced personnel.

Improve Your Practice’s Website Design

Ally with a digital marketing firm to enhance the esthetics and functionality of your practice’s website. This alliance will greatly improve the average visitor’s “user experience” on as he goes from page to page on your practice’s website. Do not discount the value of a such a positive digital experience with your practice in the online arena. A visitor who is impressed with the quality of your website and its ease of use will be more inclined to call to learn more about your services and schedule an appointment.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, referred to with the acronym of PPC, allows you to pay for online advertisements only if they are actually clicked by prospective customers. All you have to do is lean on your digital marketing partner to come up with catchy ads that inspire people to click and visit your practice’s landing page. Your pay-per-click ads can even be placed at the top or sides of search engine results for improved visibility. This way, more potential customers will see your practice’s ads when searching for chiropractic services in their area.

Regular Blogging

Your practice’s blog might not seem like an important marketing tool yet it really is. Be sure to update your blog on a regular basis with high-quality, engaging content that helps your target audience in some manner. If a patient reads something helpful on your blog while surfing around your website, he will be much more inclined to trust your practice and convert to a paying patient.

Do not be afraid to get creative with your blog content by embedding videos featuring the practice’s chiropractor(s) and/or staff. A short video or article featuring/written by your practice’s head chiropractor really will pay dividends as it creates a rapport between prospective customers and your specialists. You can even outsource some or all of the blog content creation duties to a digital marketing firm staffed by experienced SEO content writers.