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Chiropractic Advertising – 7 Horrible Mistakes You MUST Avoid

shutterstock_288715604When it comes to chiropractic marketing, the typical chiropractor makes his fair share of mistakes. Though your intentions are certainly good, conducting a flawed chiropractic marketing campaign has the potential to backfire and possibly even worsen your revenue. Keep reading to find out the top chiropractic marketing mistakes.

1. Failing to Invest in a Website

To the surprise of many, there really are some chiropractors who do not have a website. A website is an absolute necessity in the digital age. A website that is well-designed and regularly updated has the potential to convert a solid percentage of prospective customers. If your practice lacks a website or has a simple, bare bones version, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to recruit already-interested customers. Furthermore, there is little sense investing in online marketing efforts if prospects can’t be redirected to a highly polished website with engaging content.

2. Marketing Without an “Opt-In”

Though you will certainly receive phone calls and e-mails in response to your advertisements, you can really ramp up business by adding an “opt-in” feature to your website. Allowing customers to opt-in to a newsletter is an excellent way to follow-up with online visitors by providing them with more information about your practice.

3. The Lack of a Call to Action

Every marketing effort should end with a call to action in which patients are told exactly what they should do next. Don’t leave them hanging. Remind them that pain relief is a phone call or e-mail away, provide your practice’s contact information and your conversions will undoubtedly increase.

4. Failing to Feature Customer Testimonials

Chiropractors should use their website, blog and social media to feature testimonials from current and former patients. A video testimonial will make serious inroads with potential customers.

5. Cluttering the Website’s Homepage

Prospective customers are certainly interested in your practice’s merit yet they do not want to be bombarded with all of this information on the website’s homepage. So don’t overwhelm your online visitors. Space out content throughout the website and prospects won’t feel as intimidated.

6. Failing to Keep it Simple

Pay-per-click advertising is all about getting right to the point. There is a limited amount of space to prove your practice’s worth. So don’t be wordy with your advertisements. Excessive wordiness only serves to convolute your message. In the context of chiropractic marketing, less is almost always more. Pay-per-click ads that feature short messages that get right to the point are much more memorable than ones overloaded with information and images.

7. Failing to Take Advantage of Video

Though the Internet is primarily text-based, ignoring video is a huge marketing mistake. Videos, especially the motion graphic variety, serve as an excellent means of connecting with potential customers. Consider featuring your practice’s facility, its chiropractors and support staff in a welcome video that auto-plays on your website. Watching and listening to those who work at the practice will go a long way in establishing a rapport with target customers.