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6 Most Common Chiropractic Marketing Blunders

shutterstock_84541621Marketing a small business, any business, comes with its own set of challenges. There are just so many variables at play you need to consider. If you are new to the game of online marketing, you are likely going to experience many of these problems. Now, with previous forms of marketing, you knew what you were doing wrong and could go about fixing it. In modern inbound marketing, knowing what you’re doing without experience is nearly impossible. When evaluating your chiropractic marketing platform, you may have an idea you are running into problems due to the lack of traffic but not have a clue what the issues are. Here are six of the most common chiropractic marketing blunders your current campaign may be experience.

Not Using Location Based SEO

No matter how experienced you are with online marketing, you have surely run across SEO, or search engine optimization, multiple times. As a local service provider, you need to focus on location based SEO more than anything else. People visiting your website from Iowa when your practice is in South Carolina doesn’t help you one bit. Sure, it is nice to see a visible boost in traffic, but it does you no good at all. The only time you might possibly accept such external traffic is if you have a self-help blog and readers from around the country are viewing it. In terms of actual marketing for your website and practice services, location based SEO is a must.

Not Blogging

As mentioned above, blogging is a helpful tool. While it should connect with your business in some way, you can offer self-help tips for avoiding pain and how to reduce area pain at home (as examples). This can bring in individuals to your website who wouldn’t normally reach your site. It can help you boost revenue and convert some visitors into clients.

Video Marketing

People are more responsive to medical services when the practice has a face to go with you. You can introduce yourself, your staff and even give a general tour of your facility. These short videos are helpful, connect with your audience and you can list the content through YouTube, which gives you another chiropractic marketing outlet.

Website Design

The design of a website has a very important connection with marketing. Not only is layout key to converting leads into clients but utilizing a responsive website design is a must as well. A dedicated marketing expert can instantly point out what needs to be corrected on your site.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is a must, but you need to know how to use it. There are times where it just is not very financially beneficial for you. Plus, associated keywords are a must. Again, you don’t need visitors from out of state costing you money for clicking on the ads.

Focusing on One Marketing Platform

There are plenty of other marketing options out there. From social media marketing to services like Stumbled Upon, all can prove financially beneficial.