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5 Tips to Get More Patients With Chiropractic Marketing

shutterstock_325006175Businesses and professionals have to promote themselves if they need to grow. Like other businesses and professions, chiropractic practitioners also need to promote their business in a bid to attract more patients. When it comes to chiropractic marketing, several options to promote your business are available.

As such, knowing which marketing strategies to apply can be quite challenging. Today, the purpose is to give you 5 effective chiropractic marketing tips that you can use to get more patients.

1. Blog According SEO

There are numerous Search Engine Optimization rules that search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo to make use of. If you stick to these rules, you’re on your way to being at the very first page in search results for a chiropractor. This increases the chances of potential patients coming for your services.

2Have Your Own Website

Get a good platform and site architect for your chiropractic marketing website. A good website is a reflection of a good business that inspires confidence and trust among potential clients.

3. Take Full Advantage of Social Media.

Facebook and Twitter are the social media hot spots, and they are both user friendly. However, you need to research and learn more before setting up anything. For instance, if you’re considering creating a Facebook fan–page for your chiropractic practice, you should carefully name it using the appropriate keywords so those looking for you can find you easily.

4. Optimize Chiropractic Online Video For 360 Viewing

This is yet another effective chiropractic marketing strategy. With virtual reality finding its place at the forefront of consumer electronics such as Google Card Board, Oculus, YouTube’s new 360 video platform, and Facebook 360, you can use 360 video to stand out from conventional forms of video advertising. This technology is quite affordable even today and can only get cheaper in future.

5. Be Consistent with Your Marketing and Never Give Up Marketing Your Practice.

Consider mapping out a marketing strategy for 6-12 months. Break it down into weeks. Starting with holidays, write in a holiday-focused marketing strategy, then move to seasonal marketing ideas, afterwards go for the unrecognized holidays, like  hug a tree day. Remember to also market within your workplace. A dry-erase board bearing a chiropractic tip of the week only invites your patients to enquire more about what you’ve written on the board.


The field of chiropractic marketing has undergone several transformations, since modern marketing strategies have replaced old techniques. In the past, chiropractors and their business strategists often used telephone marketing, but today they are largely using the internet. You also should not remain behind, start applying the aforementioned tips and take your practice to another level.

One more thing, never miss the opportunity to get a referral from your patient. Consider having some nice coupons or referral cards printed and ready to hand out whenever you hear one of them mention a neighbour, friend, or family member.