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5 Effective Chiropractic Advertising Strategies

shutterstock_373594042Plenty of chiropractors are making the transition from word-of-mouth and traditional outbound advertising to inbound marketing. Though it is not necessary to make a complete transition to inbound marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and pay-per-click advertisements, the undeniable truth is that prospective patients are turning to the web to find chiropractors.

Website Design

A prospective patient who finds a chiropractor’s website that is highly polished, visually pleasing, informative and easy to navigate will be inclined to schedule an appointment. There are plenty of outdated, bare bones chiropractor websites on the Internet. Too many chiropractors overlook the importance of an in-depth online presence, assuming that word of mouth referrals or advertising spots on TV/radio will suffice. The bottom line is that patients think less of chiropractors who lack an insightful and helpful website.




Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords has the potential to make an enormous impact on a chiropractor’s bottom line. Work with a team of inbound marketing experts to perfect your Google AdWords strategy and your patient base is guaranteed to grow with time. Google AdWords allows for a highly refined online keyword marketing campaign that highlights specific words or phrases that are relevant to chiropractic treatment. If these keywords are carefully selected, such a campaign can produce incredible results by converting already-interested prospects into loyal patients.

Video and Motion Graphics

A portion of prospective patients will respond much better to video and motion graphics than the written word. Some people prefer to watch rather than read. A short video featuring the treating chiropractor, the facility and/or patient testimonials will make a big difference to those who are in search of pain relief. Videos should be prominently featured on the practice website so online visitors can get an idea as to what the practice is all about without navigating through a series of pages.


Though blogging might seem like an odd method of marketing, it has the potential to produce amazing results. A patient who is on the fence as to whether he will schedule a treatment session is much more inclined to pick up the phone if he reads insightful information on a practice’s blog. The blog content does not have to be strictly limited to articles about the practice. It can delve into the latest chiropractic treatment techniques, patient success stories and any other content that captivates readers.

Search Engine Optimization

People are searching the web for top-notch chiropractic treatment every single day. A chiropractor whose website does not appear in the first couple pages of search engine results will not be able to capitalize on the Internet’s power to convert interested prospects into actual paying customers. The best way to reach these target customers is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is all about optimizing online content with keywords and relevant content that boosts a website’s search engine ranking. Invest in an SEO push and your chiropractic website just might appear at the top of the first page of results.